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All on 4

All on 4 in Boca Raton Florida

Boca Raton All on 4

Original – Proven – Life-Changing

‘The Dental Implant Solution to Make You Smile’

Missing several teeth can severely influence your daily life. It can have effects on your jaw bones and gums. It can affect your health, appearance, and self-esteem. It can negatively impact your lifestyle. Learning you need dentures can be a daunting thought as you consider the process, pain, and cost. Now, imagine immediate results. With the All-on-4, you can expect same-day results and so much more. The first patient to be treated with all in one procedure was in 1998. It was a successful and minimally invasive procedure. Today, Boca Dental offers this revolutionary concept for failing dentition. Every tooth counts.

Why the All-on-4

It is a staggering statistic: 40 million people in the Western world with 64% being people in the USA and Brazil and 250 million in Asia are edentulous or lacking teeth. The dental implant has been the leading method, but many with bone resorption could not benefit from this method. The All-on-4 method is graft-less, cost effective and immediate. Because there are no grafting procedures, the surgery is less time-consuming. You will leave the day of surgery with a fixed full-arch prosthesis. The full-arch method consists of just two axial anterior implants and two posterior implants which are tilted 45°. The procedure is less complex, therefore reducing the time it takes to complete. Since the posterior implants are tilted, there is no bone grafting and there is immediate loading with a fixed provisional prosthesis shortening the time-to-teeth. In addition to being less time to consume, the process it also less costly when compared to conventional implant methods.

Steps to Identify the Right Patient

  1. Medical history, complaints, and expectations. Any pre-existing conditions that might affect the treatment or outcome must be disclosed.
  2. Dental history, habits such as grinding or clenching, problems or expectations must be known.
  3. Radiographic analysis to determine what type of scan is needed to survey the teeth and make a final decision on whether the All-on-4 is the correct procedure for you.
  4. Intra and extra oral exams to evaluate the condition of any remaining teeth. Any conditions will be documented.
  5. The quality and quantity of bone zones available are evaluated.
  6. The presence or lack of hard or soft bone tissue will help determine what prosthesis is needed.
  7. The transition line will be identified to determine any specific needs.

7 Factors Used to Determine Candidacy

Incisal edge

Restorative spacing

Lip support

Smile line


Tissue surface


Patients Love All-on-4:

Function – your teeth can once again be used as they were intended to be.

Esthetics – your smile will be beautiful.

Sense – your new teeth will allow you to sense taste in a whole new way.

Speech – your speech will be improved with a full, functioning set of teeth.

Self Esteem – a full set of teeth will improve your esteem as you show your new smile to the world.

Making it an attractive and life-changing treatment option.

95% of patients are satisfied with their new teeth.

98% of patients would recommend this treatment.

Boca Dental can give you the stable, functional and cosmetic solution you are looking for in one day. There are no adhesives. The All-on-4 will be secure, comfortable and natural looking. You will never have to worry about your teeth falling out as you eat or engage in conversation. With only four implants and no grafting, your treatment will be quick, your recovery time reduced and your cost considerably lessened.

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