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Dr Greg  00:00

I haven’t seen a procedure like this where you can actually change someone’s life so easily and nicely and I shouldn’t say easily because it takes a great team to do it. And that’s what we have here

Vince Barbetta  00:14

was let’s face it, it’s a big financial decision to do something like that. And but I I’m really happy with the results. I have friends I have people friends that just, you know, they look at me they say, wow, you know, whatever you paid for that you did a good you know, it was well worth it. And I’m just really conscious now when I’m talking to people and when I’m looking at their mouth, I find myself looking at their mouth and her talking and, and realizing how lucky I am to have nice, perfect teeth.

Vince Barbetta  00:00

I did more research on implants, I realized that the longer I waited, it was going to I was I would lose the opportunity to get implants because losing bone density. So and it was a scary decision. I you know, you can’t once the teeth are pulled out, you don’t put them back in.

Dr Greg  00:22

We’ve been placing implants for over 20 years single implants. The biggest difference right now is that we’re storing whole arches and smiles. We’ve collected all the technology all the best technology to make it as easy as possible for our patients and us. When it’s easy for both of us. It’s even better

Dr Greg  00:06

Todd Todd came to me through Dr. Forbes, which is my partner associate here. And he had his upper… Dr. Forbes did upper reconstruction for music veneers and crowns that look fantastic. And he brought he introduced me to Todd and we sat we talked and we took a look at Todd’s lower teeth, which were failing with multiple infections around natural teeth, that he had been taking years to try to say, you know, spending a lot of money just just not getting anywhere things are falling apart. So really just took Todd and we did a full lower reconstruction where one day we took all we extracted all the remaining lower teeth, and we placed the multiple, multiple implants. And we gave him a temporary the same day, we did a couple of trials to see what he liked the look and the bite, you know, which we do with everybody. There’s multiple trials that everything needs to be perfect. Todd’s came out great, he’s functioning, he’s happy to take their matching, they look great. That’s what we’re looking for. You know, sometimes we’re not going to do a full mouth, we would do one arch, you know, that makes a difference to the patient. And you know, trying to piecemeal things together over many years. He got one procedure done, and everything’s replaced, he’s functioning and he looks great.

Todd Blum  01:20

I, you know, growing up I always had problems with my teeth and never smiled. You know, I always was shy, I guess would be the word. So now it’s, you know what, I take pictures or raise like Smile, smile, you know, you have nice teeth smile. You know, take me a little bit that you use of that where I’m actually showing my teeth and you know, I’ve had a lot of compliments on the work I’ve done and just very happy with it.

Dr Greg  00:05

Vincent had been a patient of mine for years. We spent a few years trying to piecemeal and put treatments together and fix up what he had and we both came to the conclusion that we were working together and that we really couldn’t salvage what he had. So we sort of staged Vincent out where we first did the upper and then we did the lower on him and slow process of trying to duplicate the actual tooth form that he had the smile that he had so that he can go out and smile and eat and not look like a lot of dental work was being done or had been done.

Vince Barbetta  00:40

I’m really happy with the results. I have friends I have friends that just you know they look at me they say wow, you know, whatever you paid for that you did a good you know, it was well worth it. And I’m just really conscious now when I’m talking to people and when I’m looking at their mouth I find myself looking at their mouth and her talking and and realizing how lucky I am to have nice perfect teeth.

Dr Greg  01:07

It came out great we got his original shade back we can work with the shapes of teeth and smiles and multiple trials. Since we have a 3d printer we printed out a few different looks for them. And I think we nailed it. And he loves it and that makes us love it.

Dr Greg  00:03

Most of our patients have come in after a long struggle at home. Usually it’s either that they can’t smile, they’re afraid to smile or they’ve been in an accident or they’ve lost multiple teeth. It seems to be what we’re made for in this office, giving people their smiles back.

Vince Barbetta  00:23

I want to I want to give a big thank you to Dr. Weinstein and his staff between Michelle and Natalie. Every time I came here, they were great. They made me feel comfortable. They always explained what was going to happen what we work what we’re looking to do, so everything was perfect.

Dr Greg  00:06

You’ll find a big variance in implant prices and advertising. When you look at the dental implant industry, it’s gotten so big that there are companies that are actually cloning the well-known brands. And the implants themselves are a lot cheaper. They don’t have much of a track record; they may look like the other implants. There are certain brands that should be used in the US and abroad, like Nobel BioCare Stroman, or Neodent. These are high quality brands — or even Zimmer. And what happens is you get into other companies that knock them off. One will cost X amount, and a dentist can buy the clone for a quarter of that amount. But sometimes you’re not getting exactly what you pay for. You want an implant with a strong track record of success and known osseointegration, and no problems. The big companies are backed by science, many years of science and engineering. And the smaller companies that are cloning them haven’t really done that except for trying to copy their design. I feel like patients should be asking questions. What brand of implant is this? What brand of restorative component is this? What are you using, a top brand implant? Are you using a clone of an implant or using an off brand? It just needs to be asked because that couple of $100 could be the difference between using a premium branded implant or a knock-off.

Dr Greg  00:04

We have more technology here than most dental offices do we actually have in house production where everything is made here most of the time while you wait. The procedure itself is a little different the way we do it because we’re planning it ahead of time. This year surgery is done virtually before you even step in the door.

Fred Szelega  00:24

He made sure everything’s leveled out and everything, Dr. Weinstein and it just worked out fabulous to me.


Dental Implants — compared to most surgeries that we do here in the office — are one of the least painful procedures we do. We do consider it a small surgery, but in the scope of a surgery, it’s very minimally invasive. Most procedures take 20 minutes for a single dental implant, or less. In that timeframe, you know, half of it is spent getting numb. So, it’s a very non-invasive procedure and most patients are back to normal and feeling perfectly fine within a few days.

Fred Szelega  00:01

Yeah, I mean, I know I thought I was gonna have to wait you know the so we’re gonna give it to somebody else they’re out ups or somebody FedEx come here to their comeback, you know, in a couple weeks and I didn’t want that, you know, he says we’re here I’ll do it in justment He took them out and Lady want to hit they did something else 30 pins, right right. Okay, we will put these pins in like this. So he took them out and you want some point went out for a while doing something 1015 Being back, okay, I got it. You know, I mean, if you’re going to spend your money, you know, go to somebody that is doing a fabulous job and making you feel that you’re getting what you want. You’re expected you know

Todd Blum  00:01

I needed a lot of root canals I there was a lot of work that I needed done and it was to the point where it was more cost effective to just go ahead and take everything out and and do the implants and have more of a forever set of teeth. I don’t have to worry about the dentures going in and out. You know, I’ve been to a lot of dentist’s office in my life, all the way from the Air Force up until now and had a lot of work done over the years and I just I felt comfortable here. Everything’s clean and modernized. With the newest technology make things easier

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