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Cosmetic Dentist Testimonials in Boca Raton Florida

Todd Blum  00:07

I needed a lot of root canals, a lot of work that I needed done. It was to the point where it was more cost effective to just go ahead and take everything out and and do the implants, and have a more of a forever set of teeth. I don’t have to worry about the dentures going in and out, you know. I’ve been to a lot of dentist’s offices in my life, all the way from the Air Force up until now, and had a lot of work done over the years, and I just felt comfortable here. Everything’s clean and modernized; they were able to make the teeth and everything right here. They did the X ray machine where you just sit there and went totally inside my mouth. It was just amazing how they were able to pull it up on the screen and point it out to me, and make me understand exactly what they were doing. I had a temporary and for a while they made it look like real teeth. So, I never really missed a beat. I think I was one day without teeth, which I never really knew it. Came back; had the temporaries for a few months; and then came in for the real ones. They’ve been in ever since — never, never had a problem. I was never a big fan of going to the dentist all my life, so they put me to sleep. I knew there was a lot of work to be done, and I wouldn’t feel a thing. In a few hours, the procedure was over. I went home with no pain. My wife drove me home and I don’t think I ever took anything. I took some Advil probably for the pain, and just ice. I… you know, growing up, I always had problems with my teeth. I never smiled. I always was… shy, I guess would be the word. So, it takes me a little bit to get used to that, where I’m actually showing my teeth. I’ve had a lot of compliments on the work I’ve done and am just very happy with it.

Fred Szelega  00:04

The anesthesiologist and everything was great. I’ve had other surgeries on my body beforehand — those two guys are great. I thought I was out for half an hour, but I was out for a while longer. My teeth are broken off at my gums. I don’t have any teeth he can grab onto; he has to dig them out. He still did not hit my nerves. He made sure that when he put all these pins in here, that he stayed away from your nerves. You don’t want to get it on the nerves at all. He made sure everything’s leveled out, and it just worked out fabulous to me. If you’re going to spend your money, go to somebody that is doing a fabulous job and making you feel that you’re getting what you expected.

Vince Barbetta  00:01

Well, Dr. Weinstein was actually recommended to me from a neighbor who still comes here, too. And I was having a problem with one of my teeth that was infected. And so I came here, and he took care of me there. And I just continued coming to him and making regular appointments for checkups and all. I did more research on implants; I realized that the longer I waited, I was going to lose the opportunity to get implants because of losing bone density. So, it was a scary decision. Once the teeth are pulled out, you don’t put them back in. I felt everything was great. Everything was organized. Like clockwork. I had uppers done separately from the lower teeth. It took one morning and it was done. I had no pain, which was the big thing about it. Even that night, I took Tylenol the first night. And that was the only painkiller I took. I had a friend of mine that had implants done for both uppers and lowers at the same time, and he told me he was on painkillers for weeks. I did a lot of research and I was concerned on, you know, how do you care for implant teeth, and what the whole process will take. You see all these advertisements — new teeth in one day and everything else — and I don’t believe in shortcuts. I don’t believe in going to Kmart to do something like that. And I just wanted to make sure I went to someone that I trusted, and that I felt comfortable working with. And when we first started talking about doing the implants, I told Dr. Weinstein that I would do it if he was the one that did it. I didn’t want him to bring someone else in to be doing it. And he said “Yeah, absolutely,” which made me feel a lot more comfortable. Let’s face it, it was a big financial decision to do something like that, but I’m really happy with the results. I have friends that just look at me and they say “Wow,” you know, “whatever you paid for that you did good, it was well worth it.” And I’m just really conscious now when I’m talking to people and when I’m looking at their mouth. I find myself realizing how lucky I am to have nice, perfect teeth.

Fred Szelega  00:01

Okay, the reason I came here is — I was up on my property, New York State. I was walking near to roll, turn my back. And an 86-year-old man came flying up the road, going left to right, left to right, and hit me with the car. That’s the last thing I remember. I stopped breathing. My heart stopped. And I didn’t know who I was for about a week. I spit out all of my teeth. There was everything there, broken out right off. So I went to this place here. I am glad I didn’t go no place else, because it made it so easy.

Dr Greg  00:53

Most of our patients come in after a long struggle at home. Usually, it’s either that they can’t smile, they’re afraid to smile, or they’ve been in an accident, they’ve lost multiple teeth. We see that it affects their lives a lot. This seems to be what we’re made for in this office — giving people their smiles back. I haven’t seen a procedure like this, where you can actually change someone’s life so easily and nicely. And I shouldn’t say “easily” because it takes a great team to do it. And that’s what we have here. The technology we use as part of it. We’ve been placing implants for over 20 years. The biggest difference right now is that we’re storing whole arches and smiles. We’ve collected all the technology, all the best technology to make it as easy as possible for our patients and us. When it’s easy for both of us, it’s even better. We have more technology here than most dental offices do. We actually have an in-house production, where everything is made here most of the time, while you wait. The procedure itself is a little different the way we do it, because we’re planning it ahead of time. Your surgery is done virtually before you even step in the door.

Todd Blum  02:03

You know I’ve been to a lot of dentist’s in my life, all the way from the Air Force up until now, and had a lot of work done over the years. I just felt comfortable here. Everything’s clean and modernized with the newest technology, and made things easier.

Vince Barbetta  02:23

I want to give a big thank you to Dr. Weinstein and his staff. Between Michelle and Natalie, every time I came here, they were great. They made me feel comfortable. They always explained what was going to happen, what we’re looking to do. So, everything was perfect.

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