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Emergency Dentist in Boca Raton Florida

Boca Raton Emergency Dentist

What is Emergency Dentistry in Boca Raton and When Do You Need It?

Dental emergencies, like accidents, can happen unexpectedly. Emergency dentistry has procedures in place that address these emergencies and provide immediate relief to the patient. Boca Dental is the place to go for dental emergencies.

While most dental emergencies are non-life-threatening, some require urgent attention. Patients are advised to treat dental emergencies as they would any medical emergency, especially if the patient’s daily activities are affected.

How do you know you are experiencing a dental emergency and require emergency dental service?

A dental emergency can be anything that happens to your teeth that has a major impact on how you function or look, therefore requiring immediate treatment from your dentist.

According to the American Dental Association, The Most Common Dental Emergencies and Simple 1st aid Procedures to Follow Before Arriving at Boca Dental Include:

A knocked-out permanent or adult tooth: Keep the knocked out tooth moist at all times.

A cracked tooth: Try to keep parts of the teeth if possible.

Toothaches: Apply a cold compress to one’s face to keep any swelling down.

Bitten tongue or lips: Use antibacterial ointment to avoid infection.

Objects stuck in the teeth: Use dental floss to remove any stuck objects.

Dental emergencies do not always involve persistent pain, however, they may impact a person in other ways. A painless chipped or cracked tooth in the front part of the mouth may render a person self-conscious due to vanity. Whether there is persistent pain or chipped or cracked teeth, emergency dentistry must be sought.

Other types of dental emergencies can range from bacterial, fungal or viral infections affecting the teeth or mouth, or fractures caused by dental trauma. For dental fractures, dental restoration is the standard treatment and most often, these are considered emergencies because any fracture may compromise a person’s looks and their speech or eating.

Emergency Dentistry in Boca Raton Florida: Dental Trauma and Emergency Dentistry

Dental trauma not only refers to trauma to teeth but also the surrounding bone and tissue. So, while a cracked tooth seems unfortunate, injuries to the soft tissue like the lips or the gums from actual trauma or an underlying infection may be more difficult to treat and also require emergency dentistry.

Emergency Dentistry in Boca Raton Florida: Avoiding Emergency Dentistry

To avoid common dental emergencies requiring emergency dental treatment, the ADA recommends the following:

People with active lifestyles should wear mouth guards to protect their mouth and teeth during sports and other activities.

Avoid biting anything that can crack a tooth. Ice, popcorn kernels, hard candy. People with weak teeth should be especially cautious.

Avoid using your teeth to cut things, such as opening a bag of chips, etc.

At Boca Delta Emergency Dentistry, your unexpected dental emergencies, are our specialty. Call Boca Dental & Dentist Michael Gioia at (561) 391-6606 to schedule an appointment. Call us whenever a dental emergency needs assistance.

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