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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Boca Raton Florida

Boca Raton Teeth Cleaning

Boca Raton Cleanings

A good, professional teeth cleaning can have a significant impact on a person’s oral health. Boca Dental understands this well. They offer their patients the most thorough cleanings giving them not only a beautiful smile, but also a more desirable and healthier lifestyle.

Boca Dental’s dentists are busy every day cleaning teeth. This is encouraging news. After all, cleanings go above and beyond basic dental hygiene. Teeth cleanings ensure any possible problems in one’s mouth are detected and properly managed. Preventing gum disease should be a priority and scheduling dental cleanings are essential to gum disease prevention.

In addition, cleanings prevent unnecessary tooth loss. They help diabetics avoid complications due to neglectful or mismanaged oral hygiene. The mouth is often overworked from chewing food, so it needs some pampering, just like the rest of the body.

Appointments for cleanings may be set up with Boca Dental by calling (561) 391-6606.

Professional and At-Home Teeth Cleanings

During a professional cleaning, a dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar build-up using tools unavailable at one’s home. Teeth cleanings should be professionally done at least twice year. Regular brushing is not enough when it comes to proper care of the mouth. Going to the dentist for cleanings at least every six months is a necessary step toward having a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

Our teeth usually get the most care when we brush them, but our gums need proper cleaning too. Gum disease could worsen if left undetected. There is the assumption that brushing the teeth three times a day is enough, but this is inaccurate. Professional teeth cleanings are necessary as well.

Teeth cleanings are more involved than general at-home cleanings. Professional teeth cleanings ensure all crevices are polished, that your mouth, teeth and gums are properly cleaned and bacteria growth is managed.

Some people can be very particular about the way their teeth are cleaned. Our teeth, gums and mouth are important to our general health. For this reason, it is suitable to inquire about tips and recommendations on daily cleanings at home after a professional dental cleaning.

Different Types of Teeth Cleanings

Maintenance: A person with no gum disease is unlikely to experience bleeding while flossing. No special procedures are necessary.

Treatment for gingivitis. A person who is constantly bleeding while flossing or has redness on the gum edges may be suffering from gingivitis. A dental hygienist may provide specific instructions on how to properly brush the teeth and proper flossing techniques. This will help you properly manage gingivitis at home after a professional cleaning.

Treatment for periodontitis. A person suffering from periodontitis may require a deep cleaning. A dentist may recommend a scale and root planing depending on the stage of periodontitis. This procedure will help a patient prevent further tartar build-up. However, the patient should also learn and implement proper brushing and flossing.

Scale and root planings are done in the upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower left quadrants of the mouth. The dentist will let the patient know whether one, a few or all quadrants need a deep cleaning.

The fight against plaque and tartar happens at home, primarily and the fastest way to a beautiful smile still begins with proper home cleanings. Ideally, teeth cleanings are not just saved for professional maintenance, however, a person who needs deep cleanings to treat gum disease should not wait long.

When gingivitis worsens, it becomes a periodontitis problem. Always keep this in mind and have a plan focused on prevention. Daily at-home teeth cleanings should not be overlooked or underestimated.

In Boca Raton, dental patients may schedule an appointment for cleanings with Boca Dental at
(561) 391-6606.

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