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Funnel #6

Dr. Gregg Weinstein, DDS • March 7, 2023

Fred Szelega  00:01

Yeah, I mean, I know I thought I was gonna have to wait you know the so we’re gonna give it to somebody else they’re out ups or somebody FedEx come here to their comeback, you know, in a couple weeks and I didn’t want that, you know, he says we’re here I’ll do it in justment He took them out and Lady want to hit they did something else 30 pins, right right. Okay, we will put these pins in like this. So he took them out and you want some point went out for a while doing something 1015 Being back, okay, I got it. You know, I mean, if you’re going to spend your money, you know, go to somebody that is doing a fabulous job and making you feel that you’re getting what you want. You’re expected you know

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