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Want Dental Implants But You’re Worried About the Pain? Check Out This Boca Dental Patient’s Story

Dr. Gregg Weinstein, DDS • February 27, 2023

Fred Szelega  00:04

The anesthesiologist and everything was great. I’ve had other surgeries on my body beforehand — those two guys are great. I thought I was out for half an hour, but I was out for a while longer. My teeth are broken off at my gums. I don’t have any teeth he can grab onto; he has to dig them out. He still did not hit my nerves. He made sure that when he put all these pins in here, that he stayed away from your nerves. You don’t want to get it on the nerves at all. He made sure everything’s leveled out, and it just worked out fabulous to me. If you’re going to spend your money, go to somebody that is doing a fabulous job and making you feel that you’re getting what you expected.

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