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Before & After Todd Blum

Dr. Gregg Weinstein, DDS • March 7, 2023

Dr Greg  00:06

Todd Todd came to me through Dr. Forbes, which is my partner associate here. And he had his upper… Dr. Forbes did upper reconstruction for music veneers and crowns that look fantastic. And he brought he introduced me to Todd and we sat we talked and we took a look at Todd’s lower teeth, which were failing with multiple infections around natural teeth, that he had been taking years to try to say, you know, spending a lot of money just just not getting anywhere things are falling apart. So really just took Todd and we did a full lower reconstruction where one day we took all we extracted all the remaining lower teeth, and we placed the multiple, multiple implants. And we gave him a temporary the same day, we did a couple of trials to see what he liked the look and the bite, you know, which we do with everybody. There’s multiple trials that everything needs to be perfect. Todd’s came out great, he’s functioning, he’s happy to take their matching, they look great. That’s what we’re looking for. You know, sometimes we’re not going to do a full mouth, we would do one arch, you know, that makes a difference to the patient. And you know, trying to piecemeal things together over many years. He got one procedure done, and everything’s replaced, he’s functioning and he looks great.

Todd Blum  01:20

I, you know, growing up I always had problems with my teeth and never smiled. You know, I always was shy, I guess would be the word. So now it’s, you know what, I take pictures or raise like Smile, smile, you know, you have nice teeth smile. You know, take me a little bit that you use of that where I’m actually showing my teeth and you know, I’ve had a lot of compliments on the work I’ve done and just very happy with it.

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