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Do you want to straighten your teeth without clunky braces and an extended treatment plan? If so, SureSmile might be the right solution for you. SureSmile Clear Aligners are comfortable to wear, provide precise teeth movements, and help patients achieve their desired smiles faster than braces. Learn more about SureSmile and contact Boca Dental for a consultation.

How Does SureSmile Work?

The SureSmile system is as easy as it can be. First, you’ll visit Boca Dental for a digital scan of your teeth. Then, your dentist will work with SureSmile to create a customized treatment plan so the lab can create customized aligners.

This is where you’ll really notice the SureSmile difference. With braces, the orthodontist bends the archwires into position to move the teeth. However, SureSmile uses robots to mold the archwires into the necessary location. Because it’s so precise, your treatment time will be reduced by as much as 33 percent. In fact, many patients are done with treatment within six months, compared to one to two years for braces.

What Can SureSmile Treat?

SureSmile aligners are designed to treat a variety of misalignment issues. This system can work for you, whether you need to nudge a tooth into position or have a serious alignment issue. First, let Boca Dental create a treatment plan so you can see what results to expect with this system. Then, you’ll be ready to straighten your teeth with SureSmile.

Changing the Aligners

The lab will create a series of customized aligners, and each one will bring you closer to your desired results. You’ll change your aligners approximately every two weeks to say on track. After changing your aligners, you’ll feel slight discomfort, but it will go away quickly. Most people state that the discomfort is much less severe than what patients experience after getting braces adjusted.

Going to the Dentist With SureSmile

You won’t have to go to Boca Dental to change aligners. Instead, we will give you your SureSmile trays when you begin treatment. However, our team needs to monitor your progress, so you will need to visit us every four to six weeks. Then, we can make sure your treatment is going as it should and provide any necessary adjustments.
Contact Boca Dental today to learn more about using SureSmile to straighten your teeth. You can also find more information by visiting the SureSmile website.

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