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Deep Sedation – While you Sleep

Deep Sedation While You Sleep in Boca Raton Florida

Boca Raton Deep Sedation While You Sleep

Deep Sedation-While You Sleep

Dentists use one of many different sedation techniques on their patients while performing a dental procedure. The sedation of choice depends on the patient’s type and length of the procedure, their level of anxiety and their medical history. Some need just an oral sedative to relax, others may prefer ‘laughing gas’ and deep sedation is a necessary option for procedures that are particularly long or complicated.

What is Deep Sedation

General anesthesia is a drug-induced state where a patient loses consciousness. In this state, a patient cannot be awakened even by repeated or painful stimulation. Patients may require assistance in maintaining a patent airway and ventilatory function. Deep sedation, on the other hand, is a drug-induced depression of consciousness. It will keep the patient asleep and comfortable and prevent them from remembering the procedure or treatment. The patient cannot be easily awakened but can respond purposefully following repeated and painful stimulation. It can be given as an IV injection, shot, pill or as an inhalant. As with general anesthesia, the patient often requires assistance in maintaining ventilatory function with deep sedation as well.

Your dentist should help you understand that deep sedation manifests less risk than general anesthesia or IV sedation. A patient must acknowledge and accept any risks or consequences from pre-operative or post-operative general anesthesia. Deep sedation carries the least risk since the patient can respond to repeated and painful stimulation.

Minimal sedation / Anxiolysis Moderate sedation / Analgesia Deep sedation General Anaesthesia
Responsiveness Normal response to verbal stimulation Purposeful response to verbal commands or light touch Purposeful response to
repeated or painful tactile stimulation
Unarousable even to
repeated or painful stimulation
Airway Unaffected No intervention required Intervention may be required Intervention often required
Spontaneous Ventilation Unaffected Adequate May be inadequate Frequently inadequate
Cardiovascular Function Unaffected Usually maintained Usually maintained May be impaired

How to Prepare for Deep Sedation

Your dentist will explain how to prepare for deep sedation. You will be asked for your medical history and if you have any allergies, breathing problems or heart problems and not to eat or drink anything 8 – 12 hours before the procedure.

What to Expect During Deep Sedation

Your dentist will administer enough medicine based on your height and weight to keep you asleep and comfortable. Your blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate will be monitored throughout the entire procedure. A heart monitor will be used to record your heart’s electrical activity continuously and a pulse oximeter will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. If necessary, oxygen may be given through a mask placed over your nose and mouth. If breathing is troublesome on your own, a ventilator will be used to give oxygen and help with breathing. You will continue to be monitored as you awaken. If your oxygen levels are low, oxygen will be supplied. You may be able to go home once you are alert and standing up. You will need someone to drive you. Once home, you may feel sleepy and need frequent naps throughout the rest of the day.

Risks of Deep Sedation

Deep sedation may cause headaches and nausea, but it is a far safer method of sedation than general anesthesia. Discuss with your doctor why deep sedation is a better choice when having a dental procedure.

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