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Dr. Gregg Weinstein, DDS • January 25, 2023

Fred Szelega  00:01

Okay, the reason I came here is — I was up on my property, New York State. I was walking near to roll, turn my back. And an 86-year-old man came flying up the road, going left to right, left to right, and hit me with the car. That’s the last thing I remember. I stopped breathing. My heart stopped. And I didn’t know who I was for about a week. I spit out all of my teeth. There was everything there, broken out right off. So I went to this place here. I am glad I didn’t go no place else, because it made it so easy.

Dr Greg  00:53

Most of our patients come in after a long struggle at home. Usually, it’s either that they can’t smile, they’re afraid to smile, or they’ve been in an accident, they’ve lost multiple teeth. We see that it affects their lives a lot. This seems to be what we’re made for in this office — giving people their smiles back. I haven’t seen a procedure like this, where you can actually change someone’s life so easily and nicely. And I shouldn’t say “easily” because it takes a great team to do it. And that’s what we have here. The technology we use as part of it. We’ve been placing implants for over 20 years. The biggest difference right now is that we’re storing whole arches and smiles. We’ve collected all the technology, all the best technology to make it as easy as possible for our patients and us. When it’s easy for both of us, it’s even better. We have more technology here than most dental offices do. We actually have an in-house production, where everything is made here most of the time, while you wait. The procedure itself is a little different the way we do it, because we’re planning it ahead of time. Your surgery is done virtually before you even step in the door.

Todd Blum  02:03

You know I’ve been to a lot of dentist’s in my life, all the way from the Air Force up until now, and had a lot of work done over the years. I just felt comfortable here. Everything’s clean and modernized with the newest technology, and made things easier.

Vince Barbetta  02:23

I want to give a big thank you to Dr. Weinstein and his staff. Between Michelle and Natalie, every time I came here, they were great. They made me feel comfortable. They always explained what was going to happen, what we’re looking to do. So, everything was perfect.

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